Thursday, August 04, 2005

UPCAT,.,, arggghhhhh

hay nak0...

its like 48 hours before UPCAT!!! O M G ....

I reviewed for like 2 months for this. Mah peoples all prayin hard fo me.

ok so what happened to me this week.

ayy grabe.. my mom went to school kasi she's making reklamo of the wrong form 137 our school sent to UP with my application. kasi I asked na the registrar na magsend ng corrected form doon. So yun nakita ko ginawa nila. Dun kasi sa mali, my grade in English is 79! O M G. ok lang sana if it were Filipino o kaya Gen Sci diba? So yun we found the original one and found out na hindi ko pala grade yun. 89 grade ko. Sheesh. Anyway so ayun nga, I did not follow up na kasi I thought na sinend na nila ung form. Eh when I asked my mom to check, hindi pa pala. Grabe. Chaotic talga ung nangyari.....



Mom: Nasend nio na po ba ung form ni Jaki doon sa OADMS?
Ms. Van: Ay, mommy hindi pa po kasi ......
Mom: o bakit hindi pa? My God! All this time, akala namin nasend na. Pinagreview ko pa si Jakie para jan tapos dahil sa mali nio babagsak cia?!(DUH?!!)
Ms. Van: C Sir Jhun po yata ng nagsend eh.

Sr. Jhun: O mommy, ano pong problem? {aba nakikmommy clang lahat ah}
Mom: Eh, ung form pala ni jaki hindi pa nasend.
---------------------------------at nagturuan clang lahat.---------------------------------
Siempre dinemand ni mom na magsend ryt there and then. Xempre batas, nagsend agad. Pero sabi baka hindi makarating agad kung pwede ihand carry nalang daw. Xempre todo galit si mudrabelles doon. She's like "Ano kayo sinuswerte?! Aba ang kapal nio naman. Kayo may mali ako pa papagurin nio. Buti sana kung papakainin mo kami. iDHL nio nalang yan. kung wala naman kayong pera, akin na." Ang taray ng lola nio! So yun, snend na nga and ok na.. so ngaun Sunday 12:30 pm, i will take na my UPCAt.

Super hirap yata pero i will do my best talaga. HAaaaay.


Had a test in Physics. Perfect. HEHE. had a test in FLip. Perfect. OWWW... hahaa. anyway. that's nothing compared to what happened after school. grabe.. Mom fetched me cuz were gonna go to this underground PTC meeting. Kasi there are many fishy things going n at school. Like a money making scheme by the Admin. Of course my mom and her co-officers wouldn't allow that so they are planning how to confront the directress and her paranoid daughter who looks like a goldfish who happened to be my adviser and super mali-mali english teacher who cant even sell dictionaries on the road with her grammar. DLSU grad yan ah. Anyway so ayun some teachers went and they had an ultra discussion. Impeach daw. Grabe. If yu think the current Gma thing wiretap ekek is hilarious. try going to my school.

TODAY.. haha.. Im totally sleepy. I sleep 5 hrs a day. grabe no. HS palan yan. pero now im making my physics proj. lalang. nothing much. thinking of UP all day.

UP all day.


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